The Volunteer Friendly Award

Tayside Recyclers are volunteer friendly, there is a recycling job for every kind of volunteer.

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About us

The Volunteer Friendly Award is a product of Volunteer Dundee, a charity started in 1997 as part of the Scottish Executive’s investment programme which created a complete network of volunteer centres across Scotland’s 32 local authority areas.  Volunteer centres are clearly about promoting volunteering and volunteer vacancies.  We also support groups, agencies and organisations to provide the best possible experience for the volunteer.  Over the years we have used our peers in the volunteer centre network, staff from Volunteer Development Scotland and the standards from Investing in Volunteers as sources of information and best practice advice.  We acknowledge all the work of our predecessors in getting to where we are today. 

About us

In their own words

"As a result of completing the award, I feel that I now more readily and confidently share any good practice or ideas with other volunteer managers and I am continually looking to improve my skills in managing volunteers."